Pazaar @ 319 ft. #Justshake Asalato SG x Bold SG

What an awesome community night we had partnering with Bold SG! That night, we were delighted to see so many from the community who came to try their hand at asalato; from the making of the instrument itself to the playing of it.

People from the community crowding out the booth

Some participants say the Asalato is too difficult to learn, and some others say it’s too mind-boggling for them… but yet those who left the deepest impression on me were the elderly who came to try! The elders, or as we would like to call them, the young at heart, demonstrated great boldness and courage in their exploration of this instrument, which could be rather daunting; after all it really seems like juggling four worlds in our hands!

Our founder, Madeline with Aunty having fun learning to shake together

We was so encouraged by how they crowd out the booth, approaching me like inquisitive little children. They inspired me with their curiosity and their willingness to go out of their comfort zone. Squinting their eyes out and working their fingers to make their very own asalato. And not only so, they experimented with different beads and pebbles, listened to how they sound when shaking it and adjusted to their own liking – essentially, making their very own pair of unique Asalato!

A father and son having a go at making their own Asalato

And with just a little guidance given to them, following the animation created by Hazel (find her on Instagram @zaelhyl), they proceeded to familiarize their hands with the instrument and started practicing on their own till they get it right!

Awesome animation done by Hazel (animation student but mad skills 🤩)

There are just so many lessons we drew from our experience with the young at heart that night. But what was most notable was their perseverance and strength stemming from their “never say die” attitude. It reminded us to never stop chasing my own dreams and to continue to persevere as we journey through the highs and especially the lows of life.

Madeline showing the proper way to hold the Asalato

The night ended with us doing a short sequence together. And all we can say is we had such great fun, just shaking, dancing and laughing our night away 😍

Ending the night with a short asalato sequence

This will be a cherished memory for a very long time.
Till the next one ~


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