Gourd Asalato


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They’re BIGGER and BETTER than ever!

Introducing version 2.0 of our signature TAK TAK Classic. To build these babies, we’ve sourced for even higher quality gourds all the way from AFRICA and filled them with rare(!) acacia seeds so that the new Gourd asalato hits HARDER and sounds SHARPER than ever before.

And we’ve got you covered – Every pair of the new Gourd asalato does not only have one, but THREE layers of protective coating to ensure that they withstand your most vigorous jamming sessions. Add a pair of the new Gourd asalato to your cart today. Stocks are limited, so don’t miss out!

M size diameter of Gourds: 48 mm to 53 mm

L size diameter of Gourds: 54mm and above

***Do note that the asalato holder is not included.


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