Muted Asalatos are perfect for practicing in the wee hours of the day. It is very durable and great for beginners! *Colors may vary due to the availability of the Crochet strings.

We are opening up our muted Tak Tak for pre-orders.

Orders will take up to 2 weeks to be shipped out.

So… How do you pre-order?

  1. Click to this link: https://forms.gle/DsbsB1XSpvA1H6H99
  2. Fill up form (Choose colours or even request for unique ones, no guarantees but we will try our best to source for you!)
  3. Receive email confirmation & invoice
  4. Payment
  5. Wait to receive shipping tracking number


*For bulk orders, email asalatosg@gmail.com

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The TAK TAK MUTED is a carefully crafted masterpiece that reduces the noise of the TAK TAK by 80%!

Coated in paracord loops or yarn crocheting, the TAK TAK MUTED is also a delightful and aesthetically pleasing gift your percussion and toy enthusiast friends would love.

For musicians, you can use it as a conventional ‘egg’ shaker or as a dynamic polyrhythmic percussion instrument.

Go ahead and play straight into the wee hours today with the TAK TAK MUTED!

PS: Asalatos made from gourds may sometimes have cracks on them. They should not get wet and depending on how well you treat them and how hard you play, the Asalatos might crack as they do have limited life expectancy.