Sold in pairs, these TAKTAKs are durable and perfect for beginners that are mastering the tricks and combinations.

They are available for pre-orders now and before Christmas (25th Dec).

For bulk orders, email asalatosg@gmail.com

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TAK TAK are named after the sound that they make each time they click. They are durable, carefully weighed handmade percussion instruments made from plastic that are filled with beads / pebbles / dried seeds. They are fitted with a short length of rope (customisable to your palm size) to ensure comfortable execution of tricks and combinations. The TAK TAK: ICE are sized at 4.8cm in diameter (bigger than the TAK TAK – our smaller model), they are seamless, not joined from 2 halves but the nut is melded and has a smooth surface through.

These make a wonderful gift for any percussion and trick toy enthusiast as it can be used in many ways. Enquire more with us or get yours today!